20 Minute Low-Impact Workout (With Weights

Lesson 2

20 Minute Low Impact Home Workout With Weights

All of these exercises can be completed in your basement, spare bedroom, your garage, or even in your living room. All the equipment you need will be a couple of light one to two-pound dumbbells.

HIIT Cardio
High-intensity interval training is cardio that is completed in short bursts. It is perfect for those just getting started on their health and fitness journey or even seasoned fitness professionals. Five minutes of HIIT can burn away just as much fat as 30 minutes of medium-paced cardio.

You will perform 20 seconds of intense cardio followed by 40 seconds of rest. You will do this for five sets so it will take five minutes in total.

If you wanted to, you could sprint and do a lap around your house. That might take 20 seconds. If you want to stay inside your house, you can always run in place or even do jumping jacks. If you happen to have a jump rope handy, you could do this as well. Do cardio during the first part of your workout to get all the blood flowing.

Standing Military Presses
Standing military presses train your shoulders, traps, and upper back. With the dumbbells, aim for three sets of ten repetitions. If the dumbbells feel a bit light, go for more reps than ten.

Bicep Curls
With your elbows at your sides, curl the dumbbells up slowly and then lower them back down. Three sets of ten should be sufficient, but if you are up to the challenge, you can always do more.

Squats While Holding the Dumbbells Above Your Head
Squats will basically train your entire lower body. By holding the dumbbells above your head at the same time, you are activating other muscle groups as well. Place a chair underneath you for extra support and guidance. Once your bottom hits the seat, you know you have gone down deep enough for one squat. Shoot for three sets of ten reps.

Pushups are a full-body workout and should be a staple of every home exercise routine. Of course, you can modify them to make them easier or harder. If you place your knees on the floor, they will be easier to do. These may be difficult to do at first, so if you can’t get the ten reps for three sets, don’t worry. You will get there.

Dead Bug Core Exercise
To finish your workout, focus on your core by doing the dead bug movement. You basically lay on your back and hold your arms and legs up in the air. If it reminds you of a game you played while you were a kid, you are not alone. Sometimes gym teachers would make this part of a freeze tag game back in the day. See how long you can hold this pose. It may not be long in the beginning, but you will get better quickly. Do this for three sets and your core will definitely get stronger.

This workout will take you approximately 20 minutes to complete. With the combination of bodyweight movements and the dumbbells, you will be able to really get a great workout.