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  1. Our first rule is that all members need to be civil and respect each other. No personal (or other) attacks. No bullying. Keep it upbeat and civil.
  2. No racial intolerance. No profane language/swearing. No politics. No religion.
  3. No illegal activities or discussions.
  4. No unsafe recommendations, videos, articles, or acts.
  5. Please try to stay on topic and not cross-post or thread jack. 
  6. No advertising or affiliate links whatsoever. These will be removed immediately.
  7. Only one account per person.
  8. No pictures or videos of scantily clad women or men. This is not the place. Children and government agencies visit this site so keep it clean.
  9. The administrator has the final say in all forum matters.
Posted : August 23, 2021 3:50 pm

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